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Why Choose Us

At Wolfe Financial Solutions, we pride ourselves on our integrity and compassion.  As a Certified Kingdom Advisor, we put God first, our clients second and our community third.  We believe that every American deserves the opportunity for a comfortable retirement, and the peace of mind of leaving a legacy for their children and grandchildren.

We utilize the Lifetime Economic Acceleration Process (LEAP), to achieve a holistic financial plan to meet your financial goals.  It helps us evaluate the big picture of your economic situation. The LEAP model can help:

  • Conduct a full-scope model of your current financial situation
  • Divide your goals into three key categories: Protection, savings, and growth
  • Evaluate changes in the market and plan accordingly
  • Create strategies to optimize your tax burden throughout your entire lifetime
  • Determine if insurance can be leveraged to support your financial future

Let us design a model for you.